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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 8, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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rail vehicle. >> plus, a mountain lion attacks a young boy at a popular south bay hiking trail. but it's what the big cat did moments after that's even more disturbing. >> and rebuilding san bruno. coming up, a look back at that devastating explosion nearly four years ago and what's being done right now to make sure it ever happens giveagain. >> and the benefits of an earthquake. how it is easing drought in the bay area. >> and in the month of september, mild with a cool ocean breeze today. much warmer by mid-week, temperatures jumping into the 90s. we'll keep that going through the final weeks of summer. >> first a look live downtown at san jose. should be a very nice day. we'll find out more shortly.
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this is "today in the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> a very good monday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. breaking news from san francisco. a muni train has just struck a pedestrian. it happened at carroll avenue near 101. >> and kris sanchez is live with the report but first we'll go to mike. >> the muni area hit a pedestrian and the person is in critical condition so we of course are worried about that person's condition and anyone else on the train. that affects the northbound t
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taking you from sunnydale. that will be an issue. it's going to cause delays to folks in the area. we don't have anything specific from traffic control in san francisco. avoid third at carroll. this is right by jones playground. take the bay up toward williams and thornton avenue or just take 101, which will also take you past the area. again, we're talking about the crash involving a muni vehicle on the t 3rd northbound. the lights turned on a little early, around 5:41 this morning. that's a good amount of traffic. no drama through the maze or the east shore freeway but a little additional wait time getting into san francisco via i-80.
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for now, we'll send it back to you. >> we'll be checking back to you for alternatives on the muni accident. >> new this morning, earthquakes shook up two california towns overnight giving some residents an unwelcomed wake-up call. the the first was a 3.7 that happened around 9:30 last night just north of los angeles. around an hour and a half later, a 3.2 magnitude quake struck near cambria. no reports of damage or injuries. >> the hunt is on for a mountain lion that attacked a 6-year-old boy while he was on a hike with his family yesterday afternoon near a cupertino winery. >> nannette, fish and game are concerned that it may attack again. >> reporter: that's right. game wardens are determined to
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find this animal because it's so aggressive. there's a high probability it will attack again. fortunately in this case, the boy will survive and is in fair condition at valley medical center. we're at the trail head near the attack where the attack happened on sunday afternoon where that hike began. the 6-year-old victim was attacked about a mile or so down on a nearby trail around 1:00. the trail is by the kenny winery in the cupertino hills. the boy, his parent and siblings and another family of five were walking when the mountain lion jumped on the kid. the animal dragged him into the brush, injuring the boy on his back and neck. his parents had to fight off the mountain lion. fish and wildlife closed down the trails to search for the lion but no luck.
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they say meanly because of the heat yesterday. they're expected to go at it again today. >> we have to start from the attack site and move out in concentric circles looking for tracks of that lion. we do our best to find the exact lion that was responsible for the attack, but to answer your question about do lions stay in the same place, they do and sometimes they don't. >> reporter: wardens have also enlisted the help of four federal tracking dogs. fish and wildlife says mountain lion attacks on humans are extremely rare, 16 ever reported in california. we're also told that two game wardens spent the night at the attack site just in case the animal came back. mountain lions tend to come back to an attack site but overnight there was no sign of this mountain lion. >> the watch continues. thank you. >> it is 6:05. the family of a special needs
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teen-ager shot and killed bay deputy in half moon bay is set to filed a lawsuit today. the garcia family called 911 in in june when the mentally ill woman armed herself with the knife and refused to take the medication. they say the deputy shot and killed the woman when she lunged at him with the knife. the shooting was alleged unconstitutionalal because it violated the fourth amendment limits on authority. >> today city officials are providing an update on recovery in the crestmo mormore naked wh moments were destroyed and 22 people died in the pg&e pipeline explosion. >> the fact that the cpuc has finally completed the
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three-year-long investigative process and has reached a decision is, we think, very much a contribution to the overall recovery of our community. >> now, one sticking point here, $950 million of that penalty will go to the state's general fund. in response state senator jerry hill says he'll be introducing a bill ear marking a majority of that money for pipeline and safety measures. pg&e is appealing the fine. >> bay area crews are hoping to find a 700 acre wildfire burning in yosemite national park. evacuees were waiting to be airlifted to safety. the park does remain open, however, this morning. >> the scene much different about 300 miles south of yosemite. this morning parts of southern
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california are bracing for more heavy rain as a flash flood watch remains in effect. this is all because of tropical storm nor bebert. cars are stuck in water up to the windows and a major freeway had to be shuttered in both directions. we'll take you live to riverside county, one of the counties struggling to dry out this morning. >> no threat of norbert hitting us. we'll check in with meteorologist christina loren. but first let's look at the lights, beautiful. >> down in certainly california, i hate to say it they need that rain. we are in a drought and in southern california, they desperately need that rain. riverside valley is where you'll find palm springs and palm desert. it's a welcomed sight but we don't want it all at once. with the possibility of an el
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nino, we could be looking at a lot of rain, which gets going typically this month. what we typically see here in the bay area, though we haven't had a lot of average over the past couple years, temperatures right now are comfortable. we are going to see some average weather as we get into this week. today will be cooler than average. we're starting out really comfortably. i wanted to show you why. those wind arrows all pointing from the ocean to the land, that cool pacific air inland today. you don't have to worry about the thick fog on bridge today. if there is any, it will be right at the coast. plenty of low cloud today. it will take a while to burn off. we'll see clearing about lunchtime up and down the peninsula and at the north bay. meanwhile inland valley spots will clear out about 10:00 a.m. wait till i show you your temperatures for today.
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just spectacular. 77 for the south bay, 76 for the peninsula, 70 for the east shore, san francisco is at 65 degrees. even in the hot spots, you're going to get a taste of the low 80s. we cooled your temperatures down by a few degrees today but we'll bring them right back up for tomorrow. your full forecast is just moments away. right now, let's get a look at the traffic alert. mike? >> good morning. we'll talk about san francisco. this is the roadways and the rails in san francisco's bay view area. there was a report of a muni light rail vehicle having hit and critically injured a pedestrian in the area. kris sanchez is arriving to get us more details. the traffic at third street is likely blocked off. they have muni doing bus bridge around that intersection between sunnydale and williams. that's a good stretch. you can use bay shore boulevard
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if you need to but likely track control will take you a couple blocks around the area. 101 will take you and the area as well and that will take you up to 280 and the interchange. traffic still moving pretty smoothly on those inways. a little build to the volume here and a slowing past mowry. in palo alto 101, it's a popular place to be right now. we have a good volume of traffic for the bay shore. and 101 through san rafael, the lights are on. we'll show you in folks don't believe me but they believe me. >> we trust you. still ahead, the earthquake may be helping the area's drought.
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. a person is in critical condition after being hit by a muni light rail train in san francisco. a bus rail has been set up to help commuters. >> four children killed overnight when an apartment building caught fire in chicago. that fire started on the second floor of the building. witnesses said people had to jump out to the street below. about 50 folks were able to escape unharmed but two adults are currently in critical condition. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> san francisco is the first area to give incentives for urban farming.
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owners of empty lots could get a tax break if they allow farming on their land for five years or more. >> the entrepreneurial spirit is of where. that includes right here of course. what could be the biggest ipo ever to hit the market hits the road today for the road show. >> this is the start of the ipo process, laura, trying to find big time investors will to take what you're offering, your initial public offer. so those who run ali baba will be in new york today and other cities across the united states looking for backers. alibaba does have san francisco roots. he asked a coffee server as a san francisco coffee shop and she did so there you go. yahoo! was smart enough to
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invest in ali baba very early and will make tens of millions of dollars off the ipo. even the structure of the condition a company and how it works should be run squarely by yahoo! but it's not. alibaba wasn't going to invest or list on the american stock markets, it's wanted to do it on the hong kong markets but hong kong's rules protecting investors were too strict. noodle on that for a moment. so they are listing on the exchange were rules are looser. we'll be talking a lot more about ali baba over the next couple of weeks, sam and laura, but it's going to make history.
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>> i wonder what it will be priced at. >> that's the biggest question, that's why we have fuzzy numbers. >> i'm busy noodling. >> despite the drought, some people are seeing water where they haven't for years. experts say you can thank the earthquake. last month's 6.1 earthquake caused creeks to fill. in one sonoma creek alone, authorities say there is 20 times more water than before the quake. >> it is 6:17 on your monday. time to get a quick check of your forecast as we look outside at what appears to be a somewhat congested entrance to the bay bridge. christina, we need to get some energy and build up our early
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part of the week. >> i believe it's the most beautiful part of the country myself but, hey, we pay the big bucks to live here. no chance of rain in the forecast. that's the number one question posed to me right now. and it's a darn good question. after all, we are in a drought. and i will tell you as soon as i see anything. and a geek like myself, oh, i'm always looking. i'm let you know on facebook, twitter or right here on "today in the bay." good morning to you out in livermore, good news for you in all of the tri-valley and east bay valleys, concord looking good for you, wrapping up into the low 80s. a gorgeous day coming your way. the weather story is those low clouds are situated right at the immediate post. we're expecting those clouds to burn off between the hours of 10:00 and lunchtime. after that we'll get that cool westerly flow, beautiful day shaping up, gorgeous conditions,
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really nice for your outdoor plans if you're someone who works outdoors. we're looking good on the peninsula to hit 76, on the east shore low 70s for you. in san francisco, 65. we'll hit 83 degrees out in the tri-valley. looking great out there. it will be much warmer as we head through the mid section of your week and high pressure takes control for us. that's going to translate to a return to the upper 80s. meanwhile we'll get a stretch of gorgeous weather. september is the warmest month statistically speaking in san francisco. let's get an update on that traffic alert. here's mike inouye. >> we're looking toward the intersection of 3rd and carroll. kris sanchez is gathering information. there's a look at the muni vehicle, we presume the one involved in the crash where the pedestrian is in critical condition.
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they've been taken to the hospital. that's northbound t-3rd. let's take you out to the maps and i'll show you where this is in relation to highway 101. williams is right over there. jones playground in the area, you'll know where that is. it's not affecting the on or off ramps. we did see traffic going by in a second direction. the northbound may have traffic control, and if it is they will take you around. highway 101 is moving smoothly and around silver avenue is where you can cut over toward 3rd if that is your route. the rest of the city looks nice getting into and out of the area over the bay bridge. we get details on that muni system and details on that person's injuries.
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we had the metering lights turn on a tad bit early. nothing unusual here. back to your maps. we're talking about the tri-valley and a big slowdown for west 580 as we move over toward the dublin area. 680 shows a slowdown. nothing really unusual. there's a crash right around 680 and mission boulevard on the northbound side. that won't be a big issue. another one through sonoma moved to the shoulder. northbound 101 does show a good volume of traffic. there's a slowdown toward 880 and 87 show as little build. 85 from 17 up toward sayratoga, typical traffic. >> it is 6:21. the legal fight over same-sex marriage back in the courtroom this morning. >> but first, a quick gander at
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this eye-popping image here. that of course the bay bridge on this monday morning. that bluish tint as the sun makes its way up. more news, weather and traffic right after the break.
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a very good monday morning to you. taking you live to san francisco this morning, where a muni train has hit a pedestrian. that person is said to be in critical condition. it's happening at 3rd and
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carroll. a bus bridge has been set up to help commuters along. we'll have a live report coming up from kris sanchez. she's gathering information as we speak. >> three legal fights on the issue of same-sex marriage will heat up today in a california courtroom this morning. until the u.s. supreme court makes a determination on this issue, this will just go state by state? >> that's right. that's why the 9th u.s. circuit of appeals court in san francisco has become such a big stage for this issue. public seating in the courtroom limited throughout a lottery today. the federal appeals court has set aside two hours to hear the cases for idaho, nevada and hawaii. the court has already ruled in favor of gay marriage. in 2012 it struck down prop 8, the gay marriage ban in california here. this year it ruled in favor of extended protection for gay and
6:26 am
lesbian couples. 30 major companies, including target, ebay and pfizer have chimed into this discussion, urging the supreme court to settle this issue. they argue the inconsistently with different rulings from state to state on this issue has become problematic in regard to human resources. and various religious organizations say the lack of the ruling by the supreme court is also tough on them, sending mixed messages to those in their groups. the u.s. conference of catholic bishops and church of jesus christ of latter day saints are two of the five groups who have hold the high court's ability to ban gay marriage. as for today, besides the history of the federal appeals court on the issue, the three judges who will be hearing today's arguments may be quite telling. we'll have more on that in about half an hour. >> we'll look forward to that. thank you.
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>> 6:26 right now. >> still ahead, an update to the breaking news we were telling you about. a person was struck by a muni light rail train in san francisco. it is also affecting the morning commute. we'll have an update on that person's condition. >> and a rare virus sending hundreds of kids across the country to the hospital. what you need to know as you send your kids off to school. >> and taking a live look outside overlooking san jose this morning. we'll check in with mike with the morning commute and christina has a peek at the forecast as well. 6:27.
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an update on breaking news, a muni train hits a pedestrian. >> while we're concerned about that person we're also concerned about your commute. we'll have an update on that. >> and you can see the fog on
6:30 am
the san mateo bridge this morning and we also have some on the golden gate. much warmer as we head into your week. in week, new forecast. we'll take you through the changes in your microclimate. >> wall street having a foggy feeling about what's going on with the economy. the new york stock exchange this morning as they ring the opening bell. we got the jobs numbers on friday and they were just downright confusing. on the nasdaq the market is open. we'll check "your money" in just a meinute. >> a live peek outside. the america building and a full panoramic view on monday, september the 8th. this is "today in the bay." >> good monday morning to you. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia cannon.
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>> in san francisco, a muni train has struck a pedestrian. >> kris sanchez is live at the scene. what can you tell us, kris? >> reporter: traffic is starting to pick up already this morning so we'll start to see the impact of this accident on the morning commute and on the folks who use the railway. the train has not moved off of its tracks, though. it's sitting right where it hit that pedestrian this morning at 3rd and carol street. the pedestrian appears to have major trauma to his head and possible injuries to his face as well. he has been transported to the hospital. his condition has not been updated beyond saying that it is critical. as far as the impact on the commute, you can see the t 3rd line is stopped in its tracks in the northbound direction, but there has been a bus bridge set up so it does not appear it lwil be a massive impact on the commute. the biggest impact would be on
6:32 am
carol avenue, which would run through the intersection of 3rd street here. the bus route will remain in place and as we learn more about the condition of the pedestrian, we will update you and mike inouye will keep you updated on the impact on the commute. >> thank you, kris. >> let's check in with mike right now. he has a look at the morning commute and a look at how tough it could be for people who use that line. >> this is right around bay view, around jones playground, 3rd and carol. as she showed you in that shot and we'll show you in a second, this is the area where we have the crash. most of the impact is toward carol avenue but it's on that light rail track and that's why they can't have the typical muni light rail go through the area. a bus rail is in place taking you to sunnyvale. let's get a live look out there. there is that congestion in the area. all the traffic control there. be careful if you must go
6:33 am
through the area of 3rd and carol, there will be traffic control and you see the folks slowly making their way around. that light rail vehicle is the reason they have to have a bus trail in place. back out to the maps. on 101 we see a slowdown because of the volume of traffic getting in and out of san francisco. more people may be taking the bay shore freeway and over toward 3rd. that's an option for you. a evenfender bender but it does sound like any lanes are blocked. the east shore freeway, standard flow of traffic so that's good news. the dublin area, weekend 5 has a good volume of traffic and is starting to bog down here. visibility is all right for the drivers. that's okay. we're seeing san hojose.
6:34 am
880 not a big concern. downtown san jose seeing more volume. saratoga we're starting to see the speeds come down as well. >> 6:34. time to get a quick check of why are forecast as we look out at the golden gate bridge. commuters coming in and out of the city. christina hinted that september is one of the true great months of weather for the bay area. what's in store? >> a little bit of a cooldown today and we'll bring down the heat as we head deeper into the week. 58 for san jose, 59 in san martin. it's starting to feel more like fall each and every day. we're starting out with a full blanket of low clouds. that's why why are temperatures are within a degree or two of each other this morning. that onshore flow will contain you all day long. as a result, even when those clouds burn off between 10:00
6:35 am
and 12:00, we're still going to get that cool westerly flow. you'll feel that all the way out in the tri-valley today. these are your eyes. temperatures will jump out of the 50s and 60s and into the 70s. it will be beautiful in the south bay. for us right around 70 degrees. out in the tri-valley, down to 83 degrees. we do have some changes to tell you about as we head deeper into the week. we're going to warm you up. and typically september is the warmest month in san francisco. you may not know that but we average about 72 degrees each day in the month of september. but look at what happens as we get into october, november, december, those numbers just crash right down. enjoy the stretch as long as it lasts. we'll talk about more in our next report. back to you. >> thank you, christina.
6:36 am
>> let's check the markets with scott. >> we were talking earlier about the confusion the market felt. 142,000 jobs added in the month of august. we learned that friday and everybody thought that didn't make any sense. we saw the markets barely move yesterday and we're watching the same today as the dow barely moves. back to you. >> thank you, scott. >> still ahead, a rare virus breaks out across the country. what health officials say you need to know to protect your children. >> got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? help us hold the powerful accountable.
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welcome back. on your monday, it is 6:39 as we take a live peek right now at the bay bridge from emeryville, if you can make out the city in the background, a little bit hazy this morning. happening right now the army in india is struggling through sticky mud to get to thousands of people stranded by flash floods after six days of heavy raining. flash floods and mudslides
6:40 am
buried entirevil villages in ma cases. people formed human chains to protect their children. more than 300 people so far could not be saved. >> outbreaks of a rare virus are sending hundreds of kids to the hospital throughout the country. ten states have sent children to the hospital with ed-68, a relative of the polio virus. symptoms are similar to a bad cold. about 15% of kids hospitalized are placed in the icu. the number of cases spiked as kids went back to school. >> a pennsylvania woman has been sentenced to prison for helping to end her teen daughter's pregnancy. jennifer whalen will spend up to 18 months behind bars a helping her daughter perform an
6:41 am
abortion. she purchased abortion drugs and said they could not find a facility to do the procedure and had no money for a hospital procedure. >> and a muni train hitting a pedestrian creating problems with the commute. >> and the hunt is on for a mountain lion in the bay. why fish and game is concerned the cat will strike again. >> and a tropical storm sinks cars and flood streets. >> a live picture here where we wish we had a submarine. certainly not to that extend here in san jose and the south bay as the morning gets ready to get going. 6:41 on your monday. we'll be right back.
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you're watching 15 minutes of continuous news, traffic and
6:44 am
weather on "today in the bay." >> doctors are treating a man hit by a muni light rail train early this morning at the eint r intersection of 3rd and carol. mike inouye has a look at how the crash is impacting that commute. >> earthquakes shook two california towns overnight giving some an unwelcomed wake-up call. the first was a 3.7 that happened around 9:30 last night just north of los angeles. an hour later, a 3.2 magnitude quake struck along the coastline of cambria. so far no reports of injuries. >> this morning a flash flood remains in effect all because of tropical storm norbert.
6:45 am
nanette, crews are working to clear cars stuck under water? >> that's correct. this true has been working nonstop for over 12 hours trying to get this underpass completely reopen. they are basically hosing down all the dirt, mud and debris left behind from yesterday's flood. they spent all night vacuuming water out, pumping it into large containers and pumping it out. eight rescues were reported when drivers were submerged in water. the last three cars were removed this morning. torrential rain pounded the inland empire this morning. unfortunately we are not out of the woods just yet. dangerous weather conditions are expected later today with more
6:46 am
flash floods. coming back out here live you see them still working out here on clearing all that debris from the streets. they're hoping to have this area cleared and open and back up and running by 8:00 this morning before that big monday morning commute. that is the very latest live from riverside. we'll send it back to you. >> thank you so much, nanette. that's pretty massive flooding. >> nothing short of a mess in southern california. time now to check the forecast. it's 6:46 out here in san jose. a live look there as we check in with the unflappable meteorologist that is christina loren. it was chaotic in southern california. we haven't felt those effects here. >> no, we haven't. even with all that rain coming in so fast, they still made it. every single drop counts in this drought. as we head into next season, that's going to dictate how much we have to conserve. there will be mandatory
6:47 am
conservation efforts if we do not see the rain we typically get. we'll talk a little bit about that coming up in just a couple minutes. i want to start with what's going on right here, right now this morning. good morning to you in livermore and to all my friends in san jose and across the bay area as we're waking up getting ready to start the new work week. we'll see the nicest weather of the entire week as we head into today. thick, low clouds and a deep marine layer out there this morning. it's going to take a while to burn off, especially up and down the peninsula and the immediate coast, clearing there at about noon. meanwhile we'll clear you out at your inland valley spots around lunch time today. a nice westerly flow keeping temperatures really nice this morning. 76 on the peninsula, the east shore, the low 70s for you and even out in the tri-valley where it gets kind of warm, you'll only hit about 83 degrees. 65 in san francisco. what a gorgeous day in wine
6:48 am
country, up to about 77. we'll warm you up as we head through tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday and temperatures will be pretty mild as we get into this upcoming weekend. we always like to take a look at your weekend even on a monday. it will be nice around here, just two weekends of summertime left. up in napa, about .03 is what we average in september, but in october we bring that average up to about an inch and a half. this is what we're expecting. by september 30th, traditionally we get our first widespread rainfall. back to you, sam and laura. >> breaking news coming to us from san francisco where a muni train was hit by a pedestrian -- i should say a pedestrian was hit by a muni train at carroll avenue and 3rd. >> kris sanchez, what's the latest? >> the train is stopped on the
6:49 am
line. not a lot of traffic through carroll avenue because there is already a bus bridge that's set up to get folks to and from where they need to go through this corridor. the pedestrian who was struck was on the ground around 5:00 this morning and awaiting an ambulance. that person has been transported to the hospital and has major trauma to his head and also injuries to his face as well. his condition is right now critical and we're working on an jup date regarding his situation. but regarding the traffic situation, there is going to be an impact if you use muni to get where you're going on the t 3rd line. there is a bus bridge in place, give yourself a couple extra minutes as you are trying to head out to where you need to be this morning. reporting live in san francisco, kris sanchez in the bay. >> let's see how tough the commute is in. let's check in with mike inouye. bus bridge in place.
6:50 am
>> that's right. if you want to avoid the area completely, use bay shore boulevard, that's highway 101 and cut back over toward 3rd around thornton avenue. they have silver avenue taking you up to the area as well. 1301 is moving smoothly through the interchanges. we do see that build for the among commute. this is where that crash is located, right around jones playground. let me show you that live shot again that chris does have over at the scene. we see delancey street. between sunnydale and williams, there will be traffic as well. expect some slowing at 3rd and carroll. the other side is delancey. at the toll plaza on the bay bridge, traffic moving pretty well, no unusual slowing and
6:51 am
that's better news as you hit your morning commute. approaching the bay bridge, we have some slowing toward the east shore freeway, typical pattern. we did have a crash on the northbound side at 680 around sonoma boulevard. that might have been enough distraction to cause a little more slowing. south bay nothing unusual. i'll show that in the next report. i want to show you what i just caught a view of at the san mateo bridge. traffic is flowing but it's slow over toward the peninsula side on highway 92. back to you. >> the issue of same-sex marriage takes center stage in a san francisco courtroom in a matter of hours. the 9th u.s. circuit court of
6:52 am
appeals has set aside two hours to hear arguments for three states. it's hard to keep track of which states have which rules in play. stephanie chuang joins us from studio. >> good morning to you, sam. nevada, idaho and hawaii are the three states. the three judges include stephen wine hart, who wrote the 2012 opinion striking down the ban and the other two 9th circuit judges were appointed by president bill clinton, a democrat. various religious organizations are hoping the u.s. supreme court will make a final determination on the issue. the u.s. conference of catholic bishops and church of jesus christ of latter day saints are saying a lack of the ruling by the high court are tough on them sending mixed messages to those
6:53 am
in their group. target, ebay and pfizer are also hoping the u.s. supreme court will take up the issue. they argue the inconsistency with varying rules from state to state has become problematic for human resou human resources. if the supreme court does make a decision, it would likely be heard by july. >> thank you very much, stephanie. >> and we're waiting to hear the condition of a 6-year-old boy recovering this morning after he was attacked by a mountain lion in south bay. >> it happened while he was walking on a trail not far from a cupertino winery. >> reporter: the game warden says that the cat did actually follow the family back to their car, even after the attack. meanwhile, the search has been
6:54 am
suspended overnight because it's just too dark, but a couple of game wardens did spend the night at the attack site in case the cat came back. it did not. the search will continue this morning. it attacked the 6-year-old around 1:00 sunday afternoon. he was with his own family and another family of five, all hiking near the picchetti winery in cupertino. even with a large party like that, the cat did manage to attack the sun and drag him off. >> the man came down out of the trail carrying his son. it looked like he had a laceration on the back of his neck and bleeding pretty heavily all over. >> reporter: when the search resumes shortly, federal tracking dogs will help. they want to catch this mountain lion because it's obviously aggressive and will likely attack again. once caught it will be euthanized and tested for things
6:55 am
like rabies. the boy is expected to survive and is at a local hospital in fair condition in the last update. >> hope he does okay. thank you. >> as nanette mentioned, such a rare occurrence. >> tomorrow marks four years since the deadly pg&e explosion that flattened san bruno. today officials will provide an update on the recovery in the crestmore neighborhood where 38 homes were destroyed and 22 people died. the anniversary comes a week after pg&e learned it will face a record $1.4 billion fine. >> in large measure it means closure. the fact that the cpuc has finally completed the three-year-long investigative process and has reached a decision is, we think, very much a contribution to the overall recovery of our community. >> one of the sticking points
6:56 am
here, $950 million of the penalty will go to the state's general fund. in response state senator jerry hill said he will introduce a bill ear marking a majority of that money for pipeline improvements and safety measures. but pg&e is still appealing the fine. >> it's 6:56. could it be a marketing stunt? but people are already lining up for the new iphone. >> scott mcgrew joining us. the iphone that hasn't been announced yet, right? >> yeah. and standing in line has been silly, ever since ups started delivering. it's nostalgia. we're seeing these first photographs in tokyo of people standing or sitting in line outside of an apple store. i can think of at least one case where ups actually delivered iphones before the apple stories opened on iphone day, meaning
6:57 am
the people who stood in line were some of the last people to get an iph seriously, standing in line, folks, is over. this is not a thing anymore. >> twitter adding a buy button so you can make a purchase right from a tweet. they are testing this. on the market twitter is about 3% higher on that news. the nasdaq just a couple of points under an all-time high, but mostly no movement. we talked about this, sam and laura, before, this confusion over that jobs number on friday means the markets don't have anything to sink their teeth into. >> interesting. we'll see. >> it broke up a streak of several monies of 200,000-plus gains. >> the billionaire founder of chick-fil-a has died. a spoke person says he passed away this morning at his home surrounded by family members. the train grew criticism when his sons denounced gay marriage.
6:58 am
he was also well known for helping children. >> crews arie iffighting a 400 e wildfire in yosemite park. about 100 hikers had to wait their turn to board helicopters just to get out of the park. >> prince george is getting a royal sibling. the royal palace has confirmed the duchess of cambridge is expecting the couple's second child. kate is being treated at kensington palace for severe morning sickness. >> the bad news, harry has been moved to sixth now. >> the heir and a spare now. i didn't make that up. i'm not that clever. let's talk about your weather because i am a scientist. 77 degrees in the north bay, meanwhile 77 in the south bay. if you missed your seven-day
6:59 am
forecast, no worries, my friends. we'll have it for you every 15 minutes throughout the "today" show and our 11:00 a.m. newscast is now one hour long. that's right. >> 11:00 to 12:00. you'll have to join us. >> kris sanchez continues to follow this. muni train hit a pedestrian, causing delays. meanwhile, san mateo bridge, my concern is westbound. a big delay. a lot of folks right now. >> we're all starting our engines on monday morning. we're back at 7:25 with a live news update and we'll check in with mike and christina. >> and it's red monday.
7:00 am
why? the niners are waking up 1-0 after crushing dallas last night. how about that? >> in the meantime, we'll see you for the news at 11:00. you can find all the news at have a wonderful day. good morning. breaking news. the duke and duchess of cambridge are expecting baby number two. the queen is said to be delighted. why the palace was forced to release that news today. helicopter in yosemite national park where there is a dangerous wildfire. the president plans to reveal his strategy on isis to the american public this week. >> this is not going to be an announcement about u.s. ground troops. this is not the equivalent of the iraq war. >> while the u.s. carries out new air strikes in iraq against


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